Samba Omar Sowe

June 8, 2024

11 mins read

Gamswitch Employee completes training at The Forbes Academy

At Gamswitch, we take great satisfaction in our workers' ongoing professional growth. We are pleased to announce that Adama Sogur, our Technology and Integrations Officer, just finished a top public speaking course at Forbes Academy. This achievement demonstrates our dedication to developing our team members' abilities and skills so they can flourish in their positions and make a significant contribution to the success of our business.

The Trip Through Forbes Academy
Forbes Academy's public speaking programme is well-known for its thorough and useful methodology. It was broken up into three sections, each of which was meant to focus on a different area of professional communication and public speaking.

Segment 1: Iconic Speech Reenactment
In the first segment, Adama delivered the iconic "I Have a Dream" speech by Martin Luther King Jr. This exercise was not only about memorizing and delivering a famous speech but also about understanding the power of impactful delivery, the importance of vocal variety, and the use of non-verbal cues to engage an audience.

Segment 2: The Importance of Mentorship
The second segment required Adama to craft and deliver a speech on the significance of mentorship. Here, he highlighted the transformative impact that mentors can have on individuals and organizations. He shared insights on how effective mentorship fosters growth, builds confidence, and bridges the gap between theoretical knowledge and practical application.

Segment 3: Advocating for Apprenticeship
In the final segment, Adama spoke about the value of apprenticeship programs. His speech underscored how apprenticeships provide hands-on experience, create opportunities for career advancement, and contribute to a skilled and adaptable workforce. Adama’s passion for this topic was evident, as he articulated the benefits of apprenticeship programs with clarity and conviction.

Acquired abilities and knowledge
Through this rigorous course, Adama Sogur was able to foster his professional communication skills significantly. He learned and applied the fundamental rules and jargon of professional communications, ensuring his messages were clear, concise, and impactful. The course also covered the basic ethics of professionalism, emphasizing integrity, respect, and responsibility in all communications.
Moreover, Adama gained practical experience in using essential communication equipment. He became proficient in operating teleprompters and cameras, tools that are crucial for delivering polished and professional presentations. This technical knowledge complements his enhanced speaking skills, enabling him to deliver high-quality communications in various settings.

Adama's success at Forbes Academy is evidence of his commitment to both career and personal development. At Gamswitch, we are immensely pleased of his achievements and are sure that the knowledge and abilities he has acquired will be very helpful to our business. His improved communication skills will help him lead more skillfully, captivate stakeholders more effectively, and make an even bigger influence on our company's objectives. Adama Sogur deserves congratulations for finishing the Forbes Academy public speaking course. His diligence and commitment have paid off, and we anticipate that Gamswitch Company Ltd. will benefit from his improved communication abilities.