Add-On Services

Other services include Bank Branch Revenue collection, Corporate Bulk payment solution, and supply of secure Debit and Prepaid (EMV) payment cards.
Gamswitch enhances financial institutions' efficiency and customer service through its Bank Branch Revenue Collection service. This solution streamlines the process of collecting revenue at bank branches, ensuring accurate and timely deposits. By automating revenue collection, Gamswitch reduces manual errors and administrative burdens, allowing banks to focus more on customer engagement and service excellence. Another solution we offer is the Corporate Bulk Payment solution which is designed to meet the needs of businesses that require efficient handling of large volumes of payments. This service simplifies the disbursement of salaries, vendor payments, and other bulk transactions by offering a single, streamlined platform for managing multiple payments.
We also provide a comprehensive service for the supply of secure Debit and Prepaid (EMV) payment cards. These cards are embedded with EMV chips, which offer enhanced security features compared to traditional magnetic stripe cards. By reducing the risk of card fraud and providing a reliable payment method, our EMV cards are ideal for a wide range of applications, including personal banking, corporate expense management, and government disbursements.