Sheriff A.F Sonko

December 29, 2023

5 mins read

Gamswitch Staff attend Powercard Training in Casablanca,Morocco

Gamswitch employees attended a training session covering a number of important PowerCARD suite modules, which was hosted by HPS, a pioneer in the provision of cutting-edge payment solutions. The effectiveness and security of financial transactions depend on this suite's ability to manage and streamline numerous card activities. A handful of hardworking staff members had the amazing opportunity to participate in a comprehensive training programme at HPS in Casablanca, Morocco. The goal of this programme was to improve their knowledge of PowerCARD solutions and related modules so they could return with insightful knowledge. The extensive curriculum was created to improve participants' comprehension and practical skills in a number of important areas.

One of those modules was on card issuing which delved into the processes and technologies involved in issuing cards, including credit, debit, and prepaid cards. The participants learned about the lifecycle of card issuance, from application processing to card production and distribution, ensuring they are equipped to handle this vital function with precision and efficiency. Participants in the acquiring portion learned about the acquiring aspect of card transactions. They learned about settlement processes, transaction processing, and merchant management—all of which are essential for enabling safe and easy card payments for both consumers and businesses.

Furthermore, the lessons pertaining to Point of Sale (POS) and Automated Teller Machine (ATM) Management provided valuable insights into the complexities of operating these systems, which are essential for Gamswitch operations. In order to guarantee that the trainees can assist and improve these vital touchpoints for cardholders, this session addressed the deployment, maintenance, and optimisation of POS and ATM networks. Robust fraud management is more crucial than ever due to the growing sophistication of fraudulent activity. The team received cutting-edge techniques and resources from the training to help them identify, stop, and deal with fraud. They gained knowledge of risk assessment, real-time monitoring, and the deployment of security measures to fend off different kinds of fraud.

Gamswitch will greatly benefit from the knowledge and abilities acquired from this course. The organisation is prepared to improve its service offerings and operational efficiency by providing its staff with improved expertise in PowerCARD solutions. All of the attendees found the training at HPS in Casablanca to be a great experience, giving them important insights into PowerCARD solutions.