Samba Omar Sowe

April 28, 2024

9 mins read

Africell: Ready, Set, Run;

Our Chief Operations Officer, Bernard Gomez, recently took part in an endurance and community-building marathon hosted by Africell Gambia Ltd, in an amazing show of strength. Participants in the fitness and wellness event ran along a picturesque course that captured the lively atmosphere of the city.
The marathon began at the Africell offices and went a strenuous 10-kilometer journey. The runners then proceeded to Westfield, Babun Fatty, Churchills Town, and finally returned full circle to the Africell headquarters. This course, which was intended to test the participants' endurance and stamina, also gave them an opportunity to interact with various city neighbourhoods, making the race both physically taxing and visually exciting.

Renowned for his unwavering devotion and perseverance in his career at Gams-witch, Bernard brought an identical degree of zeal to the marathon. In an excellent time of one hour and thirty minutes, he finished the 10-kilometer race. His performance demonstrated not only his physical fitness but also his tenacity and fortitude. Bernard's involvement demonstrates the ideals that Gamswitch upholds for its workers: a dedication to wellbeing, community involvement, and personal development. In addition to being a significant personal accomplishment, his success serves as an example for his peers and the larger community. Such occasions highlight the value of business involvement in community initiatives. The fact that Africell took the effort to plan this marathon shows how dedicated they are to encouraging healthy living in the neighbourhood.

For Gamswitch, having an employee like Bernard actively participate and excel in such events reflects the company's culture of encouraging a balanced and healthy lifestyle. It also showcases the company's support for its employees' endeavors outside the professional realm, promoting a holistic approach to employee well-being. Bernard's participation and success in the Africell Ltd. marathon is a proud moment for both him and Gamswitch. It emphasises how crucial corporate support, community involvement, and physical fitness are to creating a fit and motivated workforce. In addition to finishing the marathon, Bernard set an example of commitment and tenacity for others to follow as he crossed the finish line. Let's celebrate his incredible accomplishment and anticipate hearing more motivational tales from Gamswitch staff members and the larger community.