Adama Sogur

February 1, 2024

8 mins read

Gamswitch Cooperate Retreat with Central Bank Leadership

Gamswitch Company Limited had the honour of organising a corporate retreat with the distinguished Central Bank of The Gambia executive team on February 1, 2024. This high-level summit, which took place at the charming Tamala Beach Hotel, brought together important figures, including the governor, first deputy governor, and second deputy governor, to talk about important concerns and map out a future course for Gamswitch.

An Combined Attempt
The retreat served as evidence of Gamswitch and the Central Bank of The Gambia's excellent working relationship. The agenda was carefully designed to cover both short-term and long-term goals, guaranteeing a thorough discussion on a number of important subjects. Below is a summary of the main things on the agenda:

Staff Matters
The retreat began with an in-depth discussion on Staff Matters, emphasizing the importance of investing in human capital. Both parties acknowledged that the strength of Gamswitch lies in its dedicated workforce. Discussions revolved around strategies for staff development, training programs, and initiatives to enhance employee well-being and motivation. The shared goal was to create a more dynamic and skilled workforce capable of driving innovation and excellence.

Gamswitch Strategic Vision
A significant portion of the retreat was dedicated to outlining Gamswitch’s Strategic Vision moving forward. The company’s leadership presented a clear roadmap for future growth, focusing on expanding services, embracing new technologies, and enhancing customer experiences. This strategic vision aligns with the broader economic goals of The Gambia, aiming to position Gamswitch as a leader in the payment processing industry.

Gamswitch Infrastructure
Another critical topic of discussion was Gamswitch Infrastructure. The meeting highlighted ongoing and planned infrastructure projects, with an emphasis on ensuring robust, secure, and scalable systems. The Central Bank’s management provided valuable insights and support, recognizing the importance of state-of-the-art infrastructure in maintaining the integrity and efficiency of the financial ecosystem.

HPS Project Update and Way Forward
The retreat also provided an opportunity to update the Central Bank on the progress of the HPS project. Detailed presentations showcased milestones achieved and the positive impact of the project on Gamswitch’s operations. Discussions then shifted to the way forward, focusing on strategies to maximize the benefits of the HPS project and explore new opportunities for collaboration and innovation.

The Governor emphasised the value of this collaboration and the institutions' respect for one another during the retreat. In addition to being a meeting, the business retreat at the Tamala Beach Hotel marked an important turning point in Gamswitch and the Central Bank of The Gambia's continued partnership. The decisions and conversations that take place during this retreat will have a lasting impact on Gamswitch, directing the firm towards continued innovation and leadership in the payments sector. Gamswitch will greatly benefit from the Central Bank's thoughts and assistance as it pursues its strategic ambition. As a team, we are ready to take on new challenges and propel economic expansion while offering The Gambia first-rate payment options.